EPFO gave a big update, new rules regarding updating information in the account, crores of members will benefit.

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EPFO – A big update has been issued for crores of members towards Employment Provident Fund, which is going to benefit crores of EPF members. Employees Provident Fund Commission has started the new rule process for updating personal information in EPFO ​​account, due to which now 11 information in EPFO ​​member PF account which includes name, date of birth, father’s name, relation, joining date, date of resignation. Change of nationality, Aadhaar card number etc. has been approved.

It will be easy to update information

After the update released by EPFO, now it will be easier for the member to update the information in the PF account. Due to which problems like error in profile and claim rejection and problems like error in user data will not have to be faced and the biggest benefit from this will not be fraud in EPFO ​​account with the member.

11 changes will be normal

According to the circulation issued by EPFO ​​recently, due to irregularity and non-standardization of member accounts, in some cases the identity of PF member has been tampered with, due to which many members have become victims of fraud. Five changes were considered normal by EPFO. Now it will take 7 days for small changes and 15 days for major changes.

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It will be necessary to upload documents

If EPFO ​​members make any changes in the account, now two documents will have to be uploaded for all types of changes, while if major changes are made, these documents will have to be uploaded, after this 15 days for major changes and 7 days for minor changes. It will take time, after which your information will be updated.

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