Some rules will change from today, complete these important tasks this month

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The month of August is over and today there are going to be changes in many rules. Many types of discounts can also be given to the general public by the government. Recently the Modi government had announced in which LPG gas cylinder will be priced at Rs 200. Exemption has been given on this which is going to be implemented from September 1, it has been approved by the cabinet, apart from this, there are going to be changes in credit card, loan, Aadhar card, demat account and many other rules and some schemes are being made this month. There is also a last date, so let us know what are the important tasks which you should do before the deadline.

New rule implemented on LPG

New updates are being issued on LPG gas. Today the announcement made by the government is going to be implemented. The Cabinet has announced a rebate of Rs 200 on LPG connection, in which today this relief will be applicable to crores of people of Ujjwala scheme. Along with this, 75 lakh new Ujjwala Yojana connections will also be added from today. Crores of people in the country will get relief on LPG. At present, the beneficiary of Ujjwala scheme is already getting a subsidy of Rs. 200 and the government has given a further rebate of Rs. 200, due to which now the LPG cylinder Ujjwala beneficiary will get for around Rs. 700.

aadhaar card free update

People who want to make some changes in their Aadhar card can do so till 14th September, after which fees will be applicable. This facility has been provided by the government to the general public. Earlier the deadline for this was till 31st July but it was extended to 14th September. Now it is going to end in this month, so you can avail its benefit till 14th.

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If you work in stock market then you would know that the government has made KYC mandatory in demat account and nomination is also mandatory and the last date for this is 30th September, after which your demat account can be cancelled.

update on 2000 note

2000 rupee note has been banned a long time ago, but the general public has been given a date till 30th September to exchange this note, which is about to come. If you have any 2000 rupee note at home, then you can exchange it. You can get it changed in this month, after which your note will become junk.

aadhar card pan card update

It has been made mandatory by the government to link PAN Aadhaar and for this the deadline was extended several times, but there are lakhs of people who have not yet linked PAN Aadhaar, hence they will have to link PAN Aadhaar till 30th September. You can get it done, after this the PAN will become inactive from 1st October. This can cause you big problems.

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