Big news: Rahul Gandhi’s big attack on PM Modi, if super power England could not make Congress free India…

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made a big attack on PM Modi and BJP on Friday. Rahul Gandhi has said that when England, which was once the super power of the world, could not make ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’, then how will PM Modi do it.

‘Modi ji had said, Congress-free India, do you remember?’

According to media reports, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said in Mumbai, “When Modi ji came, he said – Congress-free India, you remember the slogan. Now the superpower of the world, England, could not create a Congress-free India, how will Modi do it?

Adani’s money cannot destroy Congress

Rahul Gandhi further said, “It means that the super power of the world, which is America today, which was England at that time, could not destroy the Congress, on the contrary, Congress destroyed it and drove it out and Modi ji thinks that his and Adani ji The relationship will destroy Congress. Means they think that Adani ji’s money can destroy the Congress party…”

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