The ‘Mayavi’ gang of Bawarchi, Biryani, Malu and Maya in Delhi… 4 murders at the age of 18, sensation till America! , Daily Hindi News

There are many gangsters in Delhi, but these days one gangster is creating a stir from Delhi to America. He has not even turned 18 years of age, but has become another name for terror in Delhi. Gun in hand, anger on face and identity such that anyone would be stunned to hear it. Has committed 4 murders even before turning 18. The dream is to become the biggest gangster not only in the country but in the world. Who is this elusive monster of Delhi who became a murderer as soon as he was born? Terror of Delhi’s ‘Mayavi’ gang. A murder took place in North East Delhi on Tuesday. The echo of which reached America. This was the murder of the manager of the famous chain Amazon. Amazon is an American company. Harpreet worked as the Delhi branch manager of Amazon, but he was murdered on Tuesday. He was with a friend and was returning from a party. That night this elusive demon of Delhi appeared in front of Harpreet and his friend. It killed Harpreet while injured his friend. The gang includes Malu, Cook, Biryani and Maya. The name of this elusive demon is Sameer, but he calls himself Maya. Just turned 18 this year. That is, till now he was a minor, but his actions were so horrifying that one would be shocked to hear them. Of course Maya murdered Harpreet at the age of 18, but even before that she had committed three murders. At such a young age he has also formed a gang. This gang is known as Maya Gang. Apart from Sameer, his friends, 23 year old Sohail alias Bawarchi, 23 year old Junaid alias Biryani and 19 year old Adnan alias Don are included in this gang. Apart from these, he has also included about 20 more boys in his gang. He has posted photos with weapons on Instagram. His aim is to become the biggest gangster and he works in the same style. If you see its Instagram profile, you will be shocked. It has been written in it, Name – Badnam, Address – Graveyard, Age – to live, Hobby – to die. Maya has posted many such pictures of herself in her Instagram profile in which she has a pistol in her hand. He has taken many photographs with weapons. At some places he is seen standing on the roof and firing while at other places he is seen holding a pistol in both his hands. Some pictures are also taken inside the jail in which he is with other members of his gang. He became a gangster after watching a movie. Sameer alias Maya became interested in becoming a gangster after watching the movie Shoot Out Ek Lokhandwala. After watching this film, he started portraying himself as the hero of the film and also formed a gang. Although this film was released in the year 2007, but he had seen this film on cable a few years ago. Only after that he started showing himself like a gangster and jumped into the world of crime. Is Maya related to any big gangster? He calls himself Maya Bhai and his gang Maya Gang. This year he has completed 18 years, that is, he has become an adult, but the police said that despite being a minor, three murder cases have been registered against him. Not only this, some of his friends are also accused of murder while being a minor. Now the police is investigating whether this 18 year old boy is connected to any other gangster. He killed the Amazon manager in road rage. He also murdered the Amazon manager in the road rage case. He was coming with his friends on the night of 29th August. Harpreet and one of his friends were coming from the front on a bike. Due to the narrow lane in Bhajanpura, Harpreet and his friends came in front of these gangsters. There was a clash between the two groups over giving way and then Maya took out a pistol from her pocket and fired at both of them. Harpreet died on the spot while his friends are still serious in the hospital.

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