Know how paper started in this technological era

If you want to prove your ownership or your existence, your name or your identity, you need paper as proof. You need to present paper for your rights. Life is not possible without paper. Everything from feelings to pain needs paper.

Today there is not a single person in the world who has not used paper. Paper is used for everything from notes to paper in children’s books and newspapers. In today’s modern era, people give more emphasis on digital. But there is no place to ignore the paper. Even if it evolves, the basic requirement remains on paper. Modernization can make things easier. The need for pum paper can never be met.
The ancient monuments can still be seen on the stones and on the cave walls. This was a time when paper had not been invented. Paper has been used here for the first time in the dynasty.
It is believed that Cai Lun of China invented paper during the Han Dynasty in 105 BCE. Before Si Lu was invented, pieces of bamboo and silk were used for writing, but over time it has become too difficult to use. So the invention of paper became necessary. So Si Lu invented paper. Paper was made using fibers including hemp, mulberry, bark.

Good journalism matters, even more so in times of crisis

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