‘Navratri’ reminds us of honoring women power, there is a spiritual secret behind it

'Navratri' reminds us of honoring women power, there is a spiritual secret behind it

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India is a spiritual country whose civilization and best culture is reflected in our festivals. One such festival is Navratri. People worship goddesses during Navratri. Along with this, there is a tradition of setting up the urn, lighting unbroken light, fasting, fasting and worshiping the girl child. There is a spiritual mystery behind all this. Kalash Sthapana means God keeps the urn of knowledge in the intellect through which the light of knowledge comes into life.

Akhand Jyoti means when the ghee of knowledge falls in the light of the soul, then the Akhand Atma-Jyoti awakens. Fasting means determination in life, fasting increases morale and rules bring discipline in life. Kanya Puja means respecting girls. Even God is pleased with this. It is said that the gods reside in the house where girls and women are respected. That means divinity comes into that family. The house becomes prosperous with wealth.

Maa Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are specially worshiped on this occasion. Durga means destroyer of evil spirits. When evil spirits are removed, life and character become better. Superior civilization and culture starts coming. Lakshmi arrives in such divine life. That is, when the wealth of virtues, excellence, cooperation, culture comes into life, then Mother Saraswati arrives, that is, if there is communication of knowledge, then a person attains the height of life.

Power, wealth and knowledge do not have any worshipable god but are goddesses. Therefore these three goddesses are worshiped the most. These goddesses are shown very beautifully decorated. There is an aura of light behind them which shows their purity. Adorned with many ornaments i.e. adorned with divine qualities and riding on a lion i.e. a symbol of fearlessness. Maa Durga is shown as Ashtabhujadhari which means she has eight powers.

Each of his hands is shown with a weapon whose spiritual meaning is as follows. There is a mace in one hand, which means that there is strength with determination, the sword is sharp-edged, it shows the killing of Mahishasura in a single stroke, that is, the destruction of one’s inner demerits with a single stroke. Arrow bow means working by sticking to a goal in life.

The lotus flower represents the purity of the goddess. The lamp in one hand is a symbol of self-awakening. The conch is the symbol of awakening. The circle symbolizes that instead of looking at the thoughts of others, one should focus on one’s own thoughts and make one’s life the best. One hand in a gesture of blessing shows that no matter what the other person thinks about us, we have to have good feelings towards him, which will be beneficial for us. So let us take the best resolutions and move our lives from knowledge to the best character.

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