Etawah News: There Was A Fight Between Two Parties Over A Comment On Facebook With Sticks And Stones.

Basrehar. On commenting on the social site on Thursday evening in Chhatarpura village of Chaubia police station area, sticks and bricks and stones pelted fiercely on both sides. Five people were seriously injured in this. Police took the injured to the CHC in a government jeep. Where the injured kept suffering for an hour when the doctor was absent. The doctor who arrived after complaining to the CMO treated the injured.

Late Thursday evening, two parties came face to face over commenting on the social side in Chhatarpura village. Stone pelting and lathi-poles went on from both the sides. In this, five people Pradeep, Rakesh, Mohit from one side and Janved and Vikas from the other side were seriously injured. The police station, which reached the information without any delay, immediately took all the injured to Basrehar CHC in their government jeep for immediate treatment. Due to the absence of a doctor at the CHC at 8.30 in the evening, the five injured people who had come for treatment had to wait for treatment.

Injured Janved told that due to absence of doctor, he spent an hour in CHC. He was bleeding profusely due to severe head injury. In the absence of a doctor, neither treatment was being done nor referral was being made to the district hospital. After complaining to the CMO, the treatment was done after the doctor arrived after an hour. Police Station Head Mansoor Ahmed said that action is being taken against eight people from both the parties, including Janved, Vikash, Pradeep, Rakesh, Mohit, by registering a case under sections of assault. CHC Superintendent Dr. Vikas Sachan told that due to absence on duty, Dr. Show cause notice is being issued to Satendra Yadav. Action will be taken if negligence is found.

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