A drop of blood will give alert of heart attack

Now a drop of blood will not only give you an alert of heart attack but will also tell you how weak your heart is. For this a test called BNP will have to be done. Doctors of Lakshmipat Singhania Institute of Cardiology, Kanpur have started this investigation. Till now, apart from ECG, cardiac troponin in the blood is tested to detect the possibility of attack. Lower troponin levels are thought to reduce the chances of a heart attack, but research suggests that this method is not accurate.

The facility for testing B type natriuretic peptide ie BNP was not yet available in the institute. Does the patient have blockage in the heart or arteries? Is the blockage very old or 24 hours ago? There was a facility of Trop-T test to check whether there was a heart attack earlier. What is the speed of heart failure, it could not be known. In such a situation, patients had to turn to private pathology where it could be detected by a test similar to BNP. Apart from this, a new way of testing blood clotting will start in cardiology. D-timer test will provide the level of blood coagulation. Along with this, thyroid test will also be possible. Detection of serious viruses has been started with new viral markers, among them fourth generation tests for HIV, HCV and Hepatitis-B. The important thing is that all these tests will not be done with kits but with hi-tech machines. With this, the level of infection will be known soon.

need to be careful
Weakness in the arteries and muscles of the heart increases the risk of attack.
– Among the highest risk factors for cigarette, gutkha and alcohol consumption
With increasing age, the ability of the heart to pump blood through the arteries decreases.
After the age of 50, there may be a problem if the arteries of the heart become weak.

cheaper than private hospitals
– BNP test is done in private lab for 3500 to 4000 rupees
– This test in cardiology will be done for just one thousand rupees

It will be known immediately
– How weak is your heart, how healthy.
– The heart muscles are losing their ability to pump blood.
– Heart failure is not happening gradually, what is the danger?

Pro. Vinay Krishna (Director Cardiology) said- The pathology of the institute has been equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The patients coming here will not have to go out for any kind of investigation. The facility of BNP has also been started so that the complete condition of the heart of the patients will be known. This will make it easier for doctors to treat.

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