These ten diseases can attack you if you eat street food…

Live Hindi news (Health Tips) :- Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice
Bacterial germs, fungus also dominate rapidly in the monsoon, which causes malaria, dengue, swine flu, typhoid, hepatitis, viral pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cholera, and stomach diseases. In this season, along with all this, diseases spread rapidly due to dirty water and street food. In such a situation, taking necessary precautions and taking medical advice in case of any problem can save you from getting sick. It is to be noted that do not self-treat health related problems during rains and do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor.

These ten diseases can attack you if you eat street food…

infection to say hello avoid handshake
If you want to avoid getting sick in monsoon, then you have to change your daily routine as well. Greet each other with folded hands instead of shaking hands. Wash hands thoroughly before eating anything. If someone is sick, keep distance from him and do not use anything used by him.

maintain hygiene
Precaution is the best cure to avoid virus and bacteria in monsoon. In case of mild fever or body pain, a lot of paracetamol medicine can be used. If you eat clean food along with maintaining hygiene, then the disease will stay away.

then there will be no disease
If the body’s immunity is strong then there will be no disease. For this, if 20-25 ml of Giloy juice is taken regularly in the morning and evening, it will be beneficial. Eating basil tablets or leaves will be beneficial. Eat hot and digestible food and try to drink only boiled water. Boiled water is purer than RO water.

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There is also a risk of skin infection
Skin is most prone to skin infection. In such a case, ringworm round rashes are occurring, then Sepia medicine will be beneficial. Arsenic and Baptisia medicine are panacea in typhoid. Apart from this, the patient gets benefits from Rastox medicine in case of pneumonia in other types of monsoon.

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