US Finance Minister will attend G-20 conference in Delhi, will speak on these issues

G0-20 Meeting: US Finance Minister will attend the G-20 conference in Delhi, will keep her point on these issues

G-20 Conference In Delhi: US Finance Minister Janet Yellen will also participate in this meeting of G-20. During this time she will express her views on many issues.

Janet Yellen : A three-day G-20 summit is going to be organized in the country’s capital. This meeting will be held from 7th September to 10th September. All the big giants of the G-20 group will be involved in this. Delhi has been decorated like a bride for this conference. Meanwhile, big information has come to the fore. In fact, US Finance Minister Janet Yellen will also attend this G-20 meeting. During this, she will keep her point on many issues. During this visit of Bharti, his aim is to emphasize on many issues like strengthening the global economy and development of multilateral development bank.

Focus will be on these issues

The White House issued a press release in this regard. In which it was told that US Finance Minister Janet Yellen will emphasize on topics like climate change, global health security during her visit to India. At the same time, she will continue to unite America’s partners to maintain collective economic support for Ukraine. These include supporting a G-7-led price cap on Russian oil exports and strengthening global food security in the wake of Ukrainian grain export embargoes.

Chinese President will not attend the meeting

According to sources, Chinese President Xi Jinping will not participate in the G-20 summit to be held in Delhi. Why he has taken such a decision, at present no information has been revealed about it. It is being said that Prime Minister Li Qiang Beijing can represent China in his place. More than 30 countries will participate in this meeting.

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