Nitish government wins trust vote, opposition walks out

Bihar news: Nitish government wins trust vote, opposition walks out

Nitish government passed floor test: Nitish Kumar has won the trust vote. A total of 130 votes were cast in favor of the new state government. The opposition walked out. With this, Nitish government passed the floor test. During this, Nitish Kumar took RJD to task in his speech. He said that before 2005 there were neither roads nor security in Bihar. The man did not come out of the house even in the evening.

Earlier there were neither roads nor security

During his speech in the Assembly, Nitish Kumar said, do you people remember when we started working. How much development has taken place since the work started in 2005? Before us, his father and his mother got a chance to work for 15 years, so what happened in Bihar? No one came out of the house in the evening. There was a road somewhere. There was some way. They talk amongst themselves that there is a Muslim with them. When we came, we stopped the Hindu-Muslim feud. What happened to Muslims before 2005?

came back to the old place

He said, when these people (Congress and RJD) were together, we also held a meeting here to unite everyone else… I worked hard for so many days and I was uniting everyone but something happened?… Congress party was scared. seemed to. We were repeatedly saying that unite the other parties… We later came to know that his (Tejashwi Yadav) father is also with them (Congress), then I came to know that nothing is going to happen and then I went to my old place. NDA) where I was long ago…”. Now I will stay here.

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