Dexit will be the new Brexit, will Germany also say goodbye to EU like Britain?

Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany party proposed that the country should leave the European Union like Britain. The move is being widely called “Dexit”, just as Britain’s exit from the European Union was called “Brexit”. German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said the country’s economy would be ruined because the EU’s single market is extremely important for Germany, Europe’s largest economy. He said that this would be the worst situation for export-dependent Germany. He said it would ruin our economy. That’s why we have to tell people, okay, you might not be in line with government policies, but that’s no reason to change the entire system and change what our wealth is based on.

This sentiment has been echoed by leading politicians and business executives, who have warned that the AfD’s vision of Germany exiting the EU would be disastrous for economic activity, but AfD co-leader Alice Weidel has seen Brexit as a model for Germany. Said, while proposing a referendum. People decide, as Britain did. However Christian Lindner admitted that Germany’s competitiveness is not as good as it should be. He said that we are preparing proposals in the next few months on how to promote it, especially in the financial sector.

Is the AfD supported by the Germans?

The anti-immigrant party has fallen to second place behind the main opposition Conservatives in opinion polls in recent months as support for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s three-party coalition has declined.

How is the German economy doing currently?

Germany is the only economy in the Group of Seven to shrink last year. The country’s two biggest lenders, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, predict another contraction for 2024, while the government’s Economic Advisory Council pegs growth at just 0.4%.

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